Kismet synopsis

Kismet synopsis

Kismet Synopsis - Broadway musical

Fate is one of the immutable things. Everyone, even the smallest one, can give more or less clear idea of this notion. “This is fate” – here & there you can hear such explanation of any event. But more often – of incredible turns in human lives. This skein of fate begins at the East. Three beggars sitting near the mosque & ask for alms. In their talks, they constantly mention the fourth one, whose name is Hajj. He recently left them to go to Mecca. At the same time, near the mosque sits beggar-poet trying to sell his poems. Along with him is his beautiful daughter Marsinah. The poet suffers defeat after defeat, because nobody wants his poems. & then he sees the other beggars.

The man sits down close to them, overhearing their conversations before & he names himself as a cousin of Hajj, being called by the same name. By cunning, he earns a few coins, threatening to all pass-by people, that if they did not leave him alms, he would curse them. & it would be nice, but the new Hajj is spotted by famous thief named Jawan. He is furious & demands from Hajj to remove his curse, which he allegedly imposed on Jawan many years ago, after which his young son was missing.

The poet was no fool. He spotted an opportunity to earn extra money & put the robber a condition: a hundred gold coins in exchange for the removal of curse. Jawan keeps his word & gives the poet hundred gold coins & then went to Baghdad to finally find his long-ago lost son. Hajj met his daughter & gives her half of the amount, so that she could spend the money on own needs & they separate on the market. The same day, in the city there is the vizier of the Caliph with his first wife, the beautiful Lalume. They discuss the bad plight of the vizier, who took money from the ruler in exchange for the marriage of the Caliph on at least one of his daughters, which will be presented at the upcoming reception.

The young Caliph walks across the market, together with his advisor Omar, when between rows notices Marsinah. He is fascinated by her beauty, and, having escaped from the attention of the counselor, walks behind her, until finally catches her up nearby the house, which a girl selected for herself & her father. Caliph slips into the garden behind her, saying that he was a gardener. They fall in love almost immediately & agree to meet at the same place later. Meanwhile, the guards noticed that on the coins for which Hajj buys provisions, is an emblem of Jawan house, known robber & take him to submit to the court of vizier. Vizier do not need any proof of guilt or innocence, he immediately made a Hajj sentence of lashes & amputation of the right hand, but a cunning poet is unhappy with the whole idea, arguing that he is the poet & storyteller & both hands are essential for him. The wife of Vizier, conquered by Hajj, convinces her husband to spare him. But the vizier is adamant: he appoints more strikes to a poet, during which he curses a vizier. And then the guards run in, reporting that they have arrested Jawan.

Rogue bursts into the House of the Vizier & recognizes in him his son, who immediately orders to execute his newfound father, explaining that he is the leading judge & he shall not be the son of the leading criminal. After the execution of the sentence, Vizier realizes that he obviously, is really cursed & wants to proceed the execution of the poet, as the Caliph breaks in with the news that he had found himself a wife & the reception of other princesses may be canceled. Vizier, in horror & delight, offers to Hajj a position of emir & Hajj agrees. The poet does not know yet that the Caliph chose his daughter to be his bride & the cunning Vizier prevents the meeting of the Caliph & Marsinah, lying to the Caliph, that the girl is just his new concubine. But Hajj destroys all greedy & dishonest Vizier’s plans, returning beloved to each other & removing Vizier from the way to receive the gratitude of happy ruler.
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