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The Olive Tree lyrics

The Olive Tree

A fool sat beneath an olive tree
And a wondrous thought had he,
So he rose and he told it to the sky,
And where was I? Behinfd the tree,
I overheard his reverie.

"Why be content with an olive when you could have the tree ?
Why be content to be nothing, when there's nothing you couldn't be ?
Why be contented with one olive tree when you could have the whole olive grove ?
Why be content with a grove when you could have the world ?"

The fool stood beneath the olive tree
"What a wondrous thought" said he
"But alas, it is very, very deep"
And so he yawned and went to sleep,
Because you see, he was a fool!

Why be content with an olive when you could have the tree?
That which has lulled you to sleep fool, has awakened me.
Why should I sigh that my lot is my lot, that I can't make it anything more,
When that is a lie, an excuse for a fool to snore.

I walked from behind the olive tree
With a wondrous change in me,
For I walked with my eye upon a Star.
If you have heard and do not heed
There is a word for what you are,
And oh my friend, the word is Fool!
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