Who's the Thief? lyrics

Who's the Thief?


Stop, you robbers -
Your little number's up
One of you has stolen
My precious gldn cup

Joseph started serching
Through his brothers' sacks
Everyone was nervous,
No-one could relax

Who's the thief?
Who's the thief?
Who's the thief?
Who's the thief?
Narrator & Children

Is it Reuben? No.
Is it Simeon? No.
Is it Naphtali? No.
Is it Dan? No.
Is it Asher? No.
Is it Isaachar? No.
Is it Levi? No.
Who's the man? No.
Is it Zebulun? No.
Is it Gad? No.
Is it Judah? No.
Is it him?

Could it be, could it be
Could it be, could it be
Could it be, could it be

Could i possibly be Banjamin?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Benjamin, you nasty youth,
Your crime has shocked me to the core
Never in my whole career
Hav I encontered this before
Guards, seize him! Lock him in a cell
Throw the key into the Nile as well

Each of the brothers fell to his knees

Show him some mercy, oh mighty one please
He would not do this, he must have been framed
Jail us and beat us, we should be blamed.
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