Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat synopsis

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Synopsis - Broadway musical

Familiar to all from the very childhood biblical story about the wise Joseph, finds a second life on the stage. First, there is the narrator, who begins with the familiarization of the family of Joseph, father Jacob and his other twelve sons and their wives. Jacob distinguishes Joseph among other his children, and this, of course, cannot cause nothing else but jealousy among the other brothers, and among the last drops in the sea of ardent opposition becomes bright cloak that the father gives to his beloved son. This is a signal to brothers that it is time to get rid of Joseph.

Brothers caught Joseph, beaten him and sold into slavery to the Egyptians – slave traders, passing through their town and, pre-stained bright coat in the blood of the goat, showed it to Jacob. His son was killed, they said. And they go away in grief, so that after to celebrate the victory over the rival with their wives. Meanwhile, Joseph enters the home of a wealthy Egyptian. He works hard and deserves a high rank among other slaves, but one day the wife of a rich man offers Joseph to share her bed. He refuses, turning on himself the wrath of the scorned woman. In retaliation, woman complains to spouse, stipulating Joseph and accusing him in the attempt to steal her honor. Wrongly adjudged Jew is sent to prison.

There he meets two other slaves, servants of Pharaoh. Butler and baker were his neighbors. In the cramped and damp dungeon walls, they told to Jew their dreams, and Joseph explained to them wisely: butler will be forgiven, and the baker – executed. Predicting of his came true. Soon, rumors of a gift of Joseph reached the Pharaoh’s ears through the mouth of the butler, who heard that Pharaoh is suffered from the strange dreams. Joseph was told to come before the Pharaoh to solve the mystery of his dreams, what could not do other priests of Pharaoh. Joseph easily explained all the dreams of the ruler, receiving by this his mercy.

For many years Joseph helped the Pharaoh wisely govern the country, predicting tribulations and joys. Pharaoh appointed him to be vizier of Egypt and gave a daughter of one of his priests as his wife. Joseph predicted seven years of prosperity and fertility and the seven years of hunger and decline. And when hungry time came, the people of Egypt were ready thanks to him. The Jews, including Joseph's brothers, who betrayed him, was forced to ask for mercy from the Pharaoh and their brother. Joseph forgave his brothers and gave his people shelter and protection on the land of Egypt. Brothers, first quarreling out, found understanding and peace, and Joseph was able to excuse their cruelty. At the end, he appears in front of his father and puts on this bright cloak that Jacob kept for so many years in memory of his son.
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