In the Heights review

In the Heights Review - Broadway musical

This story is about people from Latin America. They live in New York, but they have their own principles in life, their own problems & passions. The plot of the story attracts the audience. It is simple and interesting at the same time. The characters are really true to life. The viewers might see themselves in the heroes of the show.

Besides, it is not only the plot, but also the talents of the actors, which draw our attention to the musical. They managed to transfer the feelings and emotions of the main characters perfectly. Decorations and costumes are also quite impressive.

Life is short and the heroes try to do everything they can. They make mistakes and change their decisions. But it is right, as we are not perfect. Everyone in the musical has his or her own dreams and desires. Look, for instance, at Usnavi, a man from the Dominican Republic. He thinks that he wants to come back to his homeland. But suddenly changes his mind. He understands that his home is right here. It teaches us that we cannot be attached to the place. We are attached to the people around us. We know them and start loving them.

The songs, created for the sow, are extremely beautiful. They help to create that special atmosphere and allow the viewer to immerse into the life of the main characters. It is hard to find a person, who has watched the musical and did not like it. It makes us feel the same as the main characters do. Their voices, appearance and words – everything deserves the attention of the audience.

“In the Heights” is something that is really mesmerizes and lures into the theatre. If you want to understand the hearts of Latin people – watch the musical and enjoy the talents of the actors.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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