My Cup Runneth Over lyrics - I Do! I Do!

My Cup Runneth Over lyrics

My Cup Runneth Over

She-Sometimes in the morning when shadows are deep,
I lie where beside you just watching you sleep.
And sometimes I whisper what I'm thinking of:
My cup runneth over with love!
He-Sometimes in the evening when you do not see,
I study the small things you do constantly.
I memorize moments that I'm fondest of.
My cup runneth over with love!
Both-In only a moment we both will be old.
We won't even notice the world turning cold.
And so, in this moment, with sunlight above.
My cup runneth over
She-with love.
He-With love.
She-With love...with (she grasps bedpost as first pain hits her)

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