I Do! I Do! review

I Do! I Do! review

I Do! I Do! Review - Broadway musical

What is a musical for most of the viewers? First of all, it is a bright scenery, luring and memorable music, expensive suits and a enough number of dancers and actors. But with this musical, everything turned out absolutely different. In this performance, a viewer observes only two actors. But it only creates the magnificent nostalgic atmosphere of the spectacle.

The plot of the performance is extremely simple, but the director managed to present it in an unusual form. The audience sees a picture not as gradually developing plot. It is a reminiscence. They have to move into the past and really live this life together with the characters, becoming the main witnesses of their relations.

There is a wish to pay more attention to unsurpassed play of these actors. A viewer needs only to wonder, how they reincarnate on his or her eyes, become more senior from year to year. At first, it is an absolutely young couple, which in a line of consequences becomes elderly people. The actors managed not only to express all the romantic feelings brilliantly, but also to keep their tenderness and charm. It really fascinates.

First of all, this musical is intended for an adult audience. Of course, the young people will derive pleasure from this performance too. And it is possible that it will inspire them to search for a true love. Anyway, they will be touched by the events on a scene. But only those people, who have already lived a long period of time with their beloved and know, what a family life is, will be able to really estimate a performance. They will find something native and familiar for them in the musical. The adult audience will remember the youth, the birth and education of children, the crisis of middle age. It will force them to think about the characters as about themselves.

It is also worth thanking the author of this remarkable and romantic music, which sounds in the performance. Each song is filled with sense and love of heroes to each other. Even when they quarrel, a viewer understands that they just can't live separately. And all these things are perfectly transferred, thanks to the songs. In general, it is a remarkable musical for those, who don't wait for a great show. It is created especially for people, who want to relax and think about life and their darlings. The performance tells about the eternity and transience of time, which, despite its force, can't destroy true love.

This history will definitely not leave a viewer indifferent. There are no bright suits, big dramatic characters and rich scenery. But this musical will really stay in the hearts of those, who watches it. This show is about two soul mates, which pass through all the difficulties with pride and prove that true love really exists.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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