Hello, Dolly synopsis

Hello, Dolly synopsis

Hello, Dolly Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story takes us to a time when one age goes after another. Time is inexorable, humanity is on the threshold of a new century, the development of new technologies, a completely different time & the problems are still the same: where do you find a beautiful & unique love, lasting for life? Then happens familiarity with Dolly Levi. She is a successful matchmaker, a middle-aged widow with an active & joyful lifestyle. She is responsible to carry out orders of her clients & to introduce the most appropriate people to each other. What problems, as it would seem, could have a person, who all hers life deftly picked out of the crowd two, at the first glance, not similar to each other people, condemning them to a happy marriage? About that says this musical.

Once Dolly meets a new client – Horace Vandergelder. He is handsome, rich & successful, but loneliness always gnaws him. Initially, Dolly finds for Horace a good young girl, recently widowed (Irene Molloy), but then she realizes that Horace & his sharacter could become her own perfect companion in life, which also requires strong male hands. Irene is charming & fun-loving girl, she needs romance & a gentleman husband. She works in a hat shop in Big Apple, where they are introduced. Along it, the production introduces us not only with the named characters, but also with his shop in Yonkers, as well as with his 2 employees.

Horace comes in own shop & says to the guys that he will depart to find a wife, who will help him with household chores. By that time, Dolly learned a man closer & realizes that she doesn’t want to fulfill the contract completely & to give this man away to other womenfolk. On the way to New York, she if casually mentions that the ex-husband of Irene perhaps, did not die from a natural death & the amiable & charming Irene knows about his condition & inheritance.

At the same time, two clever & freedom-loving workers of Horace decide that they definitely are obliged to arrange themselves a holiday, but they need an alibi for the time of absence of the chief. & because of it they make sabotage: blow up in the store cans of tomatoes, causing the air to become unclean for a long time & taking advantage of this, to justify their absence & run away to look at the big city.

But as soon as the guys get to New York, they instantly decide that they have to pretend to be rich & interesting guys, to find girls for their small weekend. They come in a hat store to choose new things, pretending to be young sons of rich person. By accident, this is the store of Irene & for a long time, they have time to talk & get to know each other to make a good impression & one of the guys, Cornelius, falls in love with a girl. But everything is not so simple. The bell on the door tinkles & interrupts the conversation: Horace & Dolly enter in the store. Irene, without thinking twice, hides the fellows in the back, meeting her fiancé. During a conversation, a girl inadvertently mentions that knows Cornelius & in a day he just a worker in Horace's store, but at night, a young man conquers the nightlife of the city. Then an assistant of Irene stumbles upon Cornelius, hiding in the closet. Horace knows that there is someone in the store, but Irene cleverly tries to write off all on the mice. Dodgy Dolly understands what is happening & of some maternal feelings distracts her client, so that he did not find his own workers in the closet of his young bride. But one of them sneezes & Horace realizes that he had been deceived, stating that he knew that she dragged men into the shop. The engagement is broken, but Irene does not regret – she did not particularly want to be married to a callous & domineering Horace.

Dolly finds the boys in the shop of Irene and, to compensate their humiliation, says she knows two beautiful ladies in New York, desperately wanting a date with the men. Later, she has time to teach manners to younglings, along with etiquette & dance, urgently, so that they could fulfill their little dream. Dolly catches irritated Horace & uses all her skills & talents to win Horace, who, in the end, casts aside his callousness & admits that he requires the presence of Dolly in his life. Cornelius & Barnaby get disillusioned with the secular life & return to the store of Irene, where Cornelius recognized in his feelings to her.
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