Hello, Dolly review

Hello, Dolly review

Hello, Dolly Review - Broadway musical

Vivid and memorable musical of mid-twentieth years of past century, called the "golden era of musicals", from its sunset. As each classic musical, special and deep meaning is absent here. This is a nice story about love, wealth and about the difficulties of time, when no one needed prolonged and serious dramas, especially on Broadway. Weightless story, pleasing the eye and reveals comedy to the audience, bold with brilliant costumes and decorations on a wide stage.

Of what woman dreams, if not of love and wealth? This histrionics shows that men require exactly the same two components in order to gain a complete harmony between self and the outer world. Harsh and rigorous Horace is gently amenable to quirky charms of cunning Dolly. Delicate and sensual Irene and simple romantic Cornelius are here also. Even the story line initially tells that young men need only money and a light veil of women's perfumes on clothing after short entertainment, leads to the subject of serious feelings. And it did not load the plot, allowing not to think and not to feel uncomfortable beholding. Simple and not vulgar humor finely contributes to this performance.

In the role of Dolly, Carol Channing looked beautifully and very well, who was able to convey very clearly the nature of her play’s character, and she never missed a single performance during three years, but after she had to leave the production. After that, the director appointed the role of Dolly to not less famous actresses, including Betty Grable (she has become the most well-known Dolly of all times, reviving this spectacle very much), Ginger Rogers, Pearl Bailey & Martha Raye.

The musical was very popular, tickets for it literally flew away, newspapers were full of articles about it, and critics were drastically thrilled. The sincerity and simplicity of this story bribed thousands of beholders, and the excellent performance of actors has not gone unnoticed, especially of the stars of the time, such as David Burns as Horace or Eileen Brennan as Irene. It gave a special charm to posters, additionally assuring the quality of the play.

The same-named film was shot in 1969, in which the main role was acted by unsurpassed Barbra Streisand. It attracted even more attention to this production.

Popular newspapers like The New York Times, illuminated the histrionics several times, each time leaving a lot of positive reviews. For example, Walter Kerr wrote: Hello, Dolly! is a musical comedy dream. Very often, the female lead, Carol Channing, was praised, noting her incredible talent, voice and excellent act. Notable was a moment in the history of the musical, when after four years of running the productions on Broadway, ticket sales began to fall, David Merrick came up with an unusual way to update the musical and to return its former popularity: he replaced the entire troupe with black actors. The main role was after the famous actress Pearl Bailey, and in the background was playing now a famous Hollywood star – Morgan Freeman. London’s West End took the show on the stage of Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in December 1965 and it closed only after 794 spectacles.
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