Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Queen lyrics - Grease

Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Queen lyrics

Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Queen

La-la-la-la, la-la-la
La-la-la-la, la-la-la
Ohhh rock 'n' roll party queen

Little girl, do you know who I mean?
Pretty soon, she'll be seventeen
They tell me her name's Mary Jean
Ah-ah-ah, rock 'n' roll party queen

Friday night, and she's got a date
Goin' places, just a-stayin' out late
Droppin' dimes in the record machine
Ah-ah-ah, rock 'n' roll party queen

Ba-ba ba-ba ba-bum, oh no
Can I have a ball tonight? (Oh woah woah woah woah)
Baby, baby, can I be the one
To love you with all of my might?

She's the girl that all the kids know
Talk about her wherever she goes
I could write a fan magazine
About my rock 'n' roll party queen

Ba-ba ba-ba ba-bum, you should see her shake, hey-ay-ay-ay
Baby, baby, don't you call it puppy love
Don't you want a true romanc??

Rockin' and rollin', little party queen
We're gonna do th? stroll, hey, party queen
You know I love you so, my party queen
You're my rockin' and my rollin' party queen
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