Godspell synopsis

Godspell synopsis

Godspell Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical starts from the voice of God, whom we don’t see. A group of people sings fragments of the philosophical sayings, merging in dissonant chorus. Then John the Baptist appears. He baptizes people & preaches. After that, all members sing together with Jesus. Christ is announcing that his followers should live according to a Scripture to get to Heaven. He promises to always support those who ever ask him for help. Company starts understanding the Saint & his learning. He teaches them to present gifts on an altar, & they do such presentations. They learn that to come closer to God's altar, they have to be pure with soul & thoughts. Later they represent history of the owner & servant who ran into debt to him. The sense is in forgiving the brothers in all sincerity. Jesus teaches them that if one their part sinned against the Lord, it is better to lose it, than entirely get into a hell.

The community plays a parable of the Good Samaritan. Messiah explains that it is necessary to love the enemies & says that any blessing made of pure thoughts is rewarded. The following that Jesus tells is a parable about the rich man & Lazarus, which teaches that everyone is rewarded according to his doings. One of the people tells a story about the person, who all the life got good things & died earlier, than managed to take pleasure of them. God says that nobody should worry about tomorrow. In the following parable, when the turn reaches Judas, he begins persecutions on Jesus, & Jesus changes a subject.

Further, we understand that the purpose of this meeting was to make a society of love & care from the separated company, which thinks as a unit. To reflect it in the musical, they march as soldiers in army with Jesus as the chief sergeant. One of the community sings a song where he urges Mankind to forget about the conflicts & turn to God. Pharisees challenge Jesus’ power, & he calls them hypocrites while other people sing together with him & throw garbage in betrayers. Jesus foretells that he will be gone for a quite long time; also he foretells long wars & hunger. However, he learns that belief is capable to calm a storm.

Further Jesus tells how he will divide people just as the shepherd divides the herd into sheep & goats. Goats will expect eternal suffering, & sheep will get on Heavens. The community gathers for the last dinner & Jesus says that one of them will betray him. Each of attendees asks, whether it is he or not, including Judas. Christ treats the audience with bread & wine & leaves them for the Garden of Gethsemane for praying. Later he comes back to the followers & finds them sleeping. He asks them not to sleep, but they don't obey him, & he warns them that they will betray him three times. Jesus says to God that if he can't avoid death, his will has to be executed.

Judas comes back to betray Jesus, but, surrounded with invisible walls, he sees only one way, leading to Jesus. When the company tries to stop the traitor, Jesus stops them, saying that who will come with a sword, lately will suffer from it. He also says that it had to happen on a prediction. Jesus dies & music abates. Women & men sing, glorifying God.
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