Godspell review

Godspell review

Godspell Review - Broadway musical

It is surprising, how classical and melodious Broadway play, staged forty years ago thanks to Tebelak, was transformed into the modernized show of 2011 with charismatic and inimitable Hunter Parrish as the Messiah. Feeling as if you appear in one room with a heap the energetic and carefree children.

The Goldstein & Gatelli’s duet gives rise to the amazing, bright and dynamic musical, upgraded in the best traditions of 21 century. This modern history of Jesus and his followers, as much as possible fits into a century of Facebook, Twitter and constant progress.

It is possible to look at similar experiments differently. Counting percent of the conservative theatergoers inclined to digest exclusively old-kind classics in its monotonous and instructive character, it is easy to understand, why opinions and reviews of new Broadway work are so contradictory. However, looking at this on the other hand, the morals, remade with a modern harmony, nevertheless remain morals, but to inform it to contemporaries by means of jokes and tricks is much simpler. Melodious and lyrical songs sound in a new way now, uniting the most various musical styles, including even a rap. Whoever spoke whatever, but the audience enthusiastically claps, and especially its young part.

Actors in their somewhat eccentric and motley suits which aren't combined with each other, Jesus with a dazzling wide smile and a pure look of blue eyes, more similar to the soloist of any boyish band – all this gives to the audience the unique and unusual atmosphere. Certainly, it is possible to treat the similar performances, affecting certain "eternal subjects", in different ways. Someone would be delighted with a new and original view of founders, someone remains dissatisfied with such free revival, but definitely, there would be no one stayed indifferent.
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