Sunshine lyrics - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Sunshine lyrics


Let's do something daring
Now that we're on our own.
Let's give ourselves an airing
In the Bois De Boulogne.
A stroll through the wood
Really would do us good,
And today I'm my own chaperone.

Sunshine, sunshine,
Skies are blue-la-la
In the bois.
Who can wear a frown?
You can wear a crown,
Feel like shouting "hurrah!"
Good luck, bad luck,
C'est la vie,
It's a gay la vie
In the bois.
Breezes hum a song,
Children hum along,
Nature doesn't care
A thing for money.
Bluebirds wouldn't dare
To sing for money.
Sunshine, sunshine,
What a joy,
Find a lot 'a joy
While you may
Have your fun,
Thrill your heart,
With the sun
Fill your heart,
Save it for a rainy day.
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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