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Mamie Is Mimi lyrics

Mamie Is Mimi

She was a gal, they called her chippy,
She was a gal that they knew too well.
She was a Miss in Mississippi,
And now she's a Mademoiselle.

Her name was Mame,
To France she came,
Now Mamie is Mimi,
The toast of the Rue de La Paix.
Her clothes are chic,
Her men are weak,
Now Mamie is Mimi,
A baby they call a bebe.
With a terrific sense of humor
And a tight dress,
She was a hit the day she hit Paree.
But there's a most persistent rumor
She'll never say yes,
Never say yes,
Only will say "Oui! Oui! Oui!"
Blase, bizarre,
She's now a star,
A filly, a dilly
Who used to pitch woo,
The former Mamie is Mimi,
The toast of the Rue
De La Paix.
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