Gentlemen Prefer Blondes synopsis

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Synopsis - Broadway musical

Two singers and friends, the brunette and the blonde Dorothy Shaw and Lorelei Lee go on a voyage on the liner named Ile de France. Girls are leaving for Paris to give performances. Both of them are unmarried, however, the blonde is already betrothed with the millionaire Gus Esmond and prefers a marriage of convenience while the brunette wants a love-match only.

During their journey, Lorelei has a great number of admirers, including a rich man from Philadelphia, whose name is Henry Spofford III. The other neighbor is English millionaire, "Piggi" Beekman. The blonde is concerned that the groom can reveal her secret, which she tries to keep safe, and terminate their engagement. At the same time, she is dissatisfied that her friend flirts with the Olympic athletes, because they are insolvent. The blonde says to the brunette that they should find wealthy men. She chooses Josephus Gage and her friend – Henry Spofford. Meantime, the blonde decides to convince Beekman to lend her money for a tiara which his wife is selling.

In Paris, detectives Robert and Louie Lemanteur are searching for the blonde, with the purpose to return Beekman's wife tiara. The men hardly speak English, but, charmed by the girls, they suggest them to leave. Josephus Gage appears with the blonde. Henry, having retired with her friend, makes her a proposal of marriage, but the brunette says that she is insufficiently good for him.

Gus comes unexpectedly and finds out about Lorelei and Josephus relationships. In revenge, he starts dating the dancer Gloria Stark, promising to make her a star. In the Paris club, Gus nearly has a fight with Josephus, who is there with the blonde. He admits that he loves Lorelei so strongly that he is ready to leave father’s business for the sake of her. The girl tells him the old secret, which she was afraid to own to before. She confesses to a crime in Little Rock, which was an act of self-defense as the man wanted to rape her. They are reconciled and soon Gus's father approves their marriage.
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