Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, A review

Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, A Review - Broadway musical

This bright and humorous histrionics lives with its own life between the imposing columns of the ancient time and in colorful clothes of actors. There is everything: friendship, love, kindness, and stupidity, and even a pinch of total insanity for a better taste. Eventful history draws to itself; confuses and finally leaves a veil of ease and completeness of adult fairy tale, which is nice to remember for a long time.

Characters, like in any decent satire, bear expressive negative aspects, which are exacerbated to the point of irrationality under the weight of circumstances, as well as ridiculed.

However, not only the simple plot and charismatic protagonist-slave draw attention to this spectacle. Naive in his innocence, union of doll-courtesan and romantic young man from a wealthy Roman family, and the veil of first love. Do not forget about the freedom, of which dreamed about not only the slaves in ancient Rome. Also we see here the will to choose their own destiny, as opposed to outright stupidity of a large and important person, compensated with power and authority. Greed and insidiousness sex merchant, who sell slave-girls, is comical in its simplicity. Recognition of family squabbles between wife, her husband and parent-in-law as well as a hopeless and inconsolable search of the one who lost the most precious – his children. And – lo and behold – all served with a fine sense of thin and thick humor.

How could there not be born an extraordinary story with chases, absurd situations, sharp turns and all harmoniously combined in itself? Of course, those who want to see a deep and complete sense of the double bottom, please, don’t waste your time. Stunning musical farce, lurid multicolored costumes, sarcastic replica, a fine line between gravitas and stupidity – that's what we can say about what is unfolding before our eyes. No, it's not frivolous, it is the most serious thing, which allows you to sit and to enjoy the visually relaxing atmosphere of burlesque.
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