Lovely lyrics


I'm lovely,
All I am is lovely.
Lovely is the one thing I can do.

What I am is winsome,
Radiant as in some
Dream come true.

Oh, Isn't it a shame?
I can neither sew
Nor cook nor read or write my name.
But I'm happy
Merely being lovely,
For it's one thing I can give to you.

You're lovely,
Absolutely lovely.
Who'd believe the loveliness of you?

Sweet and warm and winsome,
Radiant as in some
Dream come true.
Now Venus would seem tame,
Helen and her thou --
Sand ships would have to die of shame.

And I'm happy,
Happy that you're/I'm lovely,
For there's one thing loveliness can do
It's a gift for me to share with you!

Last Update: June, 05th 2014

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