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Beautiful Girls lyrics

Beautiful Girls

Hats off,
Here they come, those
Beautiful girls.
That's what
You've been waiting for.
Nature never fashioned
A flower so fair.
No rose can compare-
Nothing respectable
Half so delectable.
Cheer them
In their glory,
Diamonds and pearls,
Dazzling jewels
By the score.
This is what beauty can be.
Beauty celestial,
The best, you'll
All for you,
These beautiful girls!
(The former Weismann Girls enter and parade.)
Here's the home of
Beautiful girls,
Where your
Reason is undone.
Can't be hindered
From taking its toll.
You may lose control.
Faced with these Loreleis,
What man can moralize?
(The men join him.)
On your guard with
Beautiful girls,
Flawless charmers
Every one.
(The women join them.)
This is how Samson was shorn;
Each in her style a
Each a gem,
A beautiful diadem
Of beautiful-welcome them-
These beautiful
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