Follies synopsis

Follies synopsis

Follies Synopsis - Broadway musical

In the theater, post-WWII, the action is played: there emerges the past. Previously, the theater has been successful and very lush, but now it can be compared to a human skeleton from under the skin of which bones look out – boards and drapes seen from everywhere. In the theater live the ghosts of former actresses and actors who already aged considerably – someone is about 60, another already more than 70 years old. The hall accepts guests, former actors, arriving all the evening. Some of them are successful traders; someone even in 66 years remains a coquette. For someone even an opera was dedicated in the past, but she does not remember exactly who did it – only the fact is important. Guests remember their youth, some of them are friends since childhood, someone met in college. Someone was a couple in the past (as Sally and Ben). Guests discuss how their lives have changed and whether the choices they have made were correct.

Sally is still in love with Ben. He broke her heart when he decided to marry another woman. Guests warn his wife that ex-girlfriend looking at him with a love sight. A woman wants to get rid of memories and begins to dance with a former lover. The wife interrupted the dance and a conversation with an opponent started. Later, the couple discusses their relationship and life together – they are devoid of emotions. Sally also was not happy with her husband, even though he loves her dearly. Later, however, he admits that he has a girlfriend in some city, but he always returns to his wife. Ben admits ex-girlfriend, that his life is empty. He plunges into the past and kisses a woman. She thinks that it's a sign of the fact that they will run away together from all, and goes to collect her belongings.

Ben's wife kissing waiter and he admits that he always wanted a son. She broke off relations with her husband. Looking at his young features, guests start to argue: Ben never liked Sally's for real. He loves his wife as she is. Voters begin to yell at each other, quarrel starts. That leads to a series of musical numbers where each of the characters appears in two roles: one part – a light of hope and faith in a better future, and the second – is the unfulfilled dreams and sorrows. Dawns, scattered extravaganza, the theater re-immersed in the reality. The couples assure each other in love and loyalty and past is past and run away from the world are only dreams and fantasies.
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