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Beware, Bother, Beware lyrics

Beware, Bother, Beware



Just you fellas, listen to me, because I've got somthing to
tell you, and I want you to hear every word.
And govern yourself accordingly.

Now you see these girls with these fine diamonds, and fox furs,
and fine clothes?

Well, Jack, they're looking for a husband, and you're listening
to a man who knows, that they ain't fooling.
And if you fool around with them you gonna be in for a schooling!

If she saves your dough and don't want to go to a show,

Beware, brother beware.

Is she's easy to kiss and she don't resist,

Beware, brother beware.

And when you go for a walk and she listens when you talk,
she's trying to hook you!
And when there ain't nobody looking,
she asks you to taste her cooking,
don't do it, don't do it.

Don't do that, don't do it.

Now if you go to a show and she wants to sit in the back row,
bring her down front - bring her right down front,
you got that?

And if you want to go for a snack
and she wants to boop in the back,
watch it,
she's trying to hook you!

And listen,
if she's used to caviar and fine silk,
and when she goes out with you she wants a hotdog and a malted milk,
she's been used to going to Carnegie hall,
and when you take her night clubbing she wants to hear one meatball,
and she grabs your hand and says,
"Darlin', you're such a NICE man,"
beware, I'm tellin' ya what's been put down,

and you better pick up on it.

Now listen here,
if her sister calls you 'brother',
you better get further, I'm telling you,
you better get out of there,
and if she's acting kinda wild,
and says "Darlin', give me a trial,"
don't do it, don't be weak, don't give in to her,

And if she looks up in your face,
and just melts in to place, let her melt,
forget it!

You think they're payin' attention to me?
Should I tell them about the...should I...?
okay, I'm gonna tel them,

If she calls you on the phone,
and says "Darlin', are you all alone?"
no, no, no, you got three girls with you,
don't pay no attention to women,
stand up for your rights, you're a man, that's right!

Shoud I tell them about everything?

Ok, if you turn out the light, and she don't fight,
that's all, that's all, that's the end,
it's too late then, she got you hooked,
you might as well stick with her,
pay attention to me, because this is very important,
here we go baby...

If you're home about two,
and you don't know what to do,
you pull back the curtains,
the whole family's looking at you,
get your business straight, set the date,
and lord don't be late!

So brother, beware,
brother you better beware, beware!
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