Five Guys Named Moe Musical Lyrics

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Five Guys Named Moe Lyrics

The musical’s libretto was by Clarke Peters. Louis Jordan wrote the music, in collaboration with others. Start of the musical was in April 1992, and it was running till May, 1993 in the Eugene O'Neill Theatre, New York, experiencing 464 hits, 19 of which were preliminary. Cameron Mackintosh was the producer. The opening took place at The Theatre Royal, from which the musical moved afterwards to its starting point. C. Roberts did vocal arrangements; R. Royal was a music producer; N. McArthur – conductor; J. Joubert – assistant of director. T. Goodchild did stage design; A. Bridge was illuminator; N. Howard – dresser. The actors in it were: J. Dixon, M.–L. Wooley, D. Eskew, W. E. Porter, M. C. Nealy, P. Gilmore, K. Ramsey, G. Turner, J. D. Sams.

West End took musical for more than 4 years in the Theatre Royal Stratford East (until 1995), which is 4 times bigger in the length of its stay on Broadway. It was renewed in 2010, under the Edinburgh Festival. This show has won two Laurence Olivier Awards in 1991 and received two more nominations on it. The following year, spectacle was awarded with 2 nominations on Tony, but did not receive any. The composition of the actors in the West End was: O. F. Okai, C. Peters, K. Andrews, C. Derricks–Carroll, P. J. Medford, D. Wayne & P. A. Newton. Albery Theatre in the West End was a host for its re-opening in 1995, after which it was closed a year later. There was a set of such actors: F. Williams, T. J. Jenkins, R. D. Sharp, T. Kendall, J. Pennycooke & M. Kent III.

In addition, it is one of those cases when the musical originated in West End and then was transferred onto Broadway. Usually it is the other way around.

Musical recordings were produced with both its versions, from Broadway and West End.

In Illinois, in 2002, the musical played with such actors: N. Dimone, S. Blake, B. G. Willis, J. S. Crowley, P. Collier & A. P. Christopher, and was directed by Marc Robin.
Release date: 1992
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