Five Guys Named Moe synopsis

Five Guys Named Moe Synopsis - Broadway musical

This one in a cohort of completely sound-filled musicals, where there are almost no lyrics, and everything happens only or mostly via a line of songs. A distinctive feature is its collection of music, which consists solely of jazz, contemporary, and early rock’n’roll tunes as they were in the 50s of the last century.

The story is about a failing guy, who was abandoned by a girl, and now he is a broken-hearted. His fellow musicians try to comfort him, playing their works for him. Five Guys Named Moe – this name was given to the musical because all the characters in it are named Moe (Big Moe, No Moe, Moe with 4 eyes, Eat Moe, and Little Moe). Man is named Nomax and the audience at this point asks – why not to call him Moe also, the same as his girlfriend. We are joking, of course.

Due to the nature of the material in this show, the actors were chosen for the ability to play various musical instruments. So, there were present: clarinet, piano, trombone, bass, trumpet, drums, saxophone & flugelhorn.
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