Evita synopsis

Evita synopsis

Evita Synopsis - Broadway musical

The beginning of the musical takes place in the auditorium, where people watching a movie and it is interrupted by a message in Spanish that Evita has died. The whole country is in a big grieve and the audience of the musical was moved to the meeting scene with her. Evita, formerly called Eve, begins her journey in this show as a 15-year-old girl that falls in love with one of the organizers of the dance show. She flirts with him and sleeps, and then begins to blackmail, so he took her to the capital, Buenos Aires, where she abandons him just in a few days, admiring this city and want to live here. The ex-lover watches her from the sidelines as she makes her way to the top, jumping from bed to bed, starting from the model, then becoming a popular radio host, and then – an actress, star of the screen.

Then the viewer sees a figure of one of the military generals who gains power and builds his political career so that eventually to become a president. His name is Perón and Evita (already matured for 10 years) gets acquainted with him and stays with him and once saying that she can be very useful for the realization of his ambitious plans. Through the influence of the general, Evita becomes a part of the secular society, but she was rejected there and mocked, obviously, because of her low birth social status.

General enters the presidential race and Evita once, lying in bed with him, develop a plan by which all other candidates for the presidency must be eliminated one way or another.

After her husband's brilliant election on presidency, Eva begins to realize that her true calling – is to help the people of the country, not just to succeed, for what she has starved. Now as she's at the top, she starts to promote her husband among neighboring countries. Hiring image consultants, they made her look appropriate in clothing and appearance. She departs for a tour in other countries. It goes mostly with negative success, because in one country her husband was compared with Benito Mussolini, and in another, instead of the royals, she was directed to a certain country cottage, thereby causing a contemptuous insult for her. She is more and more disillusioned with the secular society.

Then she remembers her promise to help people and she establishes a charitable foundation, the activities of which cause some people to have questions because there it goes laundering of her husband’s money through this fund. Many years later, she begins to feel ill, knowing that her death comes soon enough. She also realizes that her husband loves her not because of what she did for the country or for him personally, but for what she is.

Years later, generals of Perón tired of the constant attempts of his wife to manage the politics, and want that he suspended her activities, but he reminds them that if not for her help, they now wouldn’t occupy such high positions in society. Although ill with cancer disease, Evita wants to run for vice presidency, contrary to her husband and others saying she shouldn’t do it. After a while, she leaves the undertaking, as she was overcame by cancer & now she is on her deathbed. Her achievements are flashily shown before the eyes of viewers before she dies. Specialists of embalming keep her body and her tomb has begun to be build, but not ended, because someone stole her corpse.
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