Evita review

Evita review

Evita Review - Broadway musical

This musical is one of the most majestic creations by Andrew Lloyd Webber & his associate, Tim Rice. It describes briefly the aspiration of simple girl from Argentina to a political career, describing her since the age of 15 until the time of her death, indicating major milestones, through which she passed: the desire for fame and glory, the acquisition of political power, philanthropy, and death. At first, it was a rock opera, and some critics have not spoken positively about the show just because they were old farts who did not like rock at all. The original opening was in 1978, which was preceded by several years of study by Lloyd Webber. He was at that time in a trip in Argentina and learned about the second wife of a local warlord, who took over as president after the elimination of his rivals. She was a kind of spiritual national leader, which many people liked because of her charitable programs.

The musical has gathered collectively 16 awards and 22 nominations of the most prestigious awards. Based on the musical, it was even made a film in 1996 with the participation of Madonna and Antonio Banderas, and no less famous Ricky Martin played one of the leading male roles in the resurrection of production on Broadway in 2012.

Very strong work about a very strong woman who lived a bright and effective life, thanks to her internal aspirations, largely contributed to the fact that her husband became president of the country and has developed a wide range of activities, not only within Argentina but also promoting a policy of her husband in nearby countries. The songs of this musical (especially Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina) became a part of the golden fund of works of Andrew Lloyd Webber, who is like a rock star in the world of musicals: he has 1 Oscar and 2 nominations for it, 1 Golden Globe and 1 nomination, 4 Grammys, 7 Tonies, 4 Olivier Awards & 3 nominations, and 21 other acknowledgements. There are such hit creations on account of him as Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Boulevard, The Wizard of Oz and others. He is a very productive person, feeling theater very subtly and he is an author of many musicals, several of which were filmed or TV-adaptations were made.

Evita became his lodestar, after which went other works, even more remarkable by the number of exhibitions (the same Cats strive ahead in 2 times by count of shows on Broadway). To describe its atmosphere, you just must plunge into the darkness of the hall, where the creation of a mystery goes & to watch the passion invested in it by actors.

As to the subject of the musical – not a fictional story is ever better, as it allows to draw parallels between what the viewer is fed and what was actually in the real world. For example, Evita was not really such a saint, as she is depicted: she jumped out of bed to bed, struggling herself a star track; she created the charitable foundation, through which money were laundered; she, together with her husband, eliminated his political rivals in the physical and figurative senses of this word.
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