Dreamgirls synopsis

Dreamgirls synopsis

Dreamgirls Synopsis - Broadway musical

Two acts of the play take place in 1960s and 1970s, respectively. The first act begins in 1962, when the newly formed music band of black singers, trio, becomes a member of the local talent competition. Despite the bright show, they lose it, but get acquainted with the producer, which in the future will lead them to the heights of success. Producer deals with one in the past big celebrity, who now experiences a decline that he should hire a band them to be on his back vocals. Their first joint show turns successful, but at the same time, this elderly star experiences a desperate shortage of new materials, performing songs of R’n’B and soul styles. Producer of a band persuaded him and his agent that it's time to forget about his old fans in these genres and to begin to move on a new path, in the genre of pop. They agree, and gradually their cooperation with a band begins to pace up.

A few months later, a band of the trio is quite famed and, as a result, some quarrels related to the fact that someone from the creative company trying to win all the covers of the management of the main singer and a band vocals, so their co-operation falls apart. Producer starts dating the main soloist of a band, but after a while, offers the other to become a lead soloist by shifting existing one onto background. In addition, the new lead singer starts to be promoted much more than the rest of team and her personal popularity becomes bigger than of the others.

After pregnancy from the producer in 1967, the former first soloist is left behind after their singing band who goes forward gaining lots of popularity and other singer is invited on her place. Heart is broken of the remaining "overboard".

Three years later, a new lead singer and producer were married, while the former soloist has a daughter and she lives as a single mother in New York. With his brother, who previously wrote and still writes songs for the band, she decides to record his song, banned by producer of a band and to release it as own solo hit. It turns out so, and a new song starts to conquer the charts. Producer, not wanting to admit that the former member of the band may eclipse with own career the creativity of the band, bribes DJs all over the country to spin up artificially his brand new song, and to drop down the song of his rival. After the members learn about his misconduct, they quarrel with him & threatened to sue. He agrees to return everything back, signing a deal with them. Soloist learns that the child of former one is from her husband, so decides to leave him and to start a career as an actress, as she wanted for a long time. The group reunites as 4 people to give a farewell concert where they sing a song that declared them as a band for the first time (Dreamgirls (Reprise)).
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