Dreamgirls review

Dreamgirls review

Dreamgirls Review - Broadway musical

The creator of the show, Michael Bennett, unfortunately, died in 1987, after the resumption of show on a Broadway, otherwise he might show us much more vivid histrionics of his style. By that time, behind him was a great experience of stage productions. However, recovering from this tragedy, musical staged further, conquering not only a variety of cities but countries. In 1997 – 98 it began the next US tour, reviews of which from critics were quite enthusiastic. For example, the new director was praised for the fact that he was able to bring a new fashion and hairstyles. Stage design was fully in line to the delightfully light style of presenting information, glamorous and outrageous. Multiple tours, which continued in 2004 & 2009, contributed to the increasing popularity of international productions, as well as the revival of the musical on Broadway in 2001. In 2005 and 2006, in Philadelphia, staging of musical stayed for three months (1 season). The composer of the last production in 2006 was praised for the fact that he made music as the most paralleled to Broadway productions.

As a result of the success, it had a lot of awards and nominations. Tony – 7 nominations and 6 wins; Drama Desk – 6 nominations and 5 wins; 2 Grammy awards.

There was a musical band, Supremes, whose history is painfully similar to this musical. They have so many parallels, including the most important dramatic line, when the main singer in the trio was replaced by another that even Wiki has a separate section for an explanation of the differences and similarities between these two storylines. The film, which came out with a bunch of famous actors (Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy and others) had even more parallels. And now, as the musical reached the peak of its career, having transformed into a movie, much more viewers can underline a strong similarity with the Supremes, which is directly on the mouth. For example, Supremes band, possessing Diana Ross as the main singer, suffered severe loss when her former soloist, Florence Ballard, unable to withstand the depression after the replacement, died very young, aged just 32. In the musical, by the way, Effie rejoins with his co-workers in the band, to give the last concerto before their final disintegration, while in the life, a soloist, as we have just written, has died.

The film, more than a musical, exploits theme of the struggle for equality in the entertainment business between whites and blacks, as well as more clearly shows the nature of the producer of a band, Curtis, which aspires above all to money than to anything else. He changes soloist from disagreeable onto more flexible, so that she was more like a workhorse than a wayward person.
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