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Tea Party:Memory/Pearls/Dickie/Voices/Thoughts lyrics

Tea Party:Memory/Pearls/Dickie/Voices/Thoughts

I remember Claude,
His face was gaunt, his skin was pale;
His bony little fingers were so delicate and frail,
Yes, I remember Claude in ev'ry intimate detail;
But I remember absolutely nothing about my husband.
And I remember Georges,
His voice was deep and insincere;
His hot and heavy breathing and his lewd licentious leer,
The passionate obscenities he whispered in my ear;
But I remember absolutely nothing about my husband.

Suppose I were to say your pearls are false!
They were! They were!

"I'm not asking what they were.
I'm asking what thy are!"

Surely you must know, when you wear pearls,
That little by little the pearls become real.

And isn't it the same with memories?

Dickie, darling little Dickie,
I'm so proud of my little,
Plump little, shy little, cuddly chap.

Dickie, (kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss) Dickie,
Always lying flat on your fat tummy,
Here on your dear Mummy's lap!

Stop barking!
Even when I have to scold you,
Mummy's just as thrilled as can be,
How magnificently you obey.
(He's incredibly spoiled!)
I will not sit back
And allow you to insult him this way,

Dickie, poor Dickie, dear Dickie,
The fact is, my dears,
That I didn't even bring him today

Chatter, chatter, chatter,
There are voices in your pantry
That are wishing you a hearty appetite!
Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle,
There are voices in your teapot
With advice for housewives.

Chatter, chatter, chatter,
There are voices in your pillow
That have come to tuck you in and spend the night.
And voices in your vacuum cleaner
That can be extremely impolite.

Chatter, chatter, chatter,
Voices in your closet saying,
"Wear the fuchsia gloves and purple veil!"
and voices in your piano
Singing up and down the Oriental scale.
If you welcome them and take them in your bosom,
It's quite obvious indeed,
That those lovely little voices
Are the only friends a girl will ever need.

Ev'rything that was, is,
Ev'rything that lived, lives,
Ev'ry little thought ever thought
Is as lasting as time.
Ev'rything that was, is,
Ev'rything that is, will be,
Some distant day they'll be saying
The saying that I'm saying now.
For we are not alone here,
There are other minds here,
Moliere Keats are enraged and engaged in a row.
Listen to the lovely language.
All the lessons Voltaire ever taught,
And all the thoughts that Buddha ever thought,
Are right here, in this air, in this house,
In this room with us now!
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