Dear World review

Dear World review

Dear World Review - Broadway musical

Jerry Herman, who wrote the music and libretto, with the launch of this, became the first of his cohort, who had three own works running simultaneously on the stages of Broadway. Leading actress, won Tony for this work & O. Smith received a nomination for best stage design. No more other awards or nominations this musical possesses.

Having opened in 1969, it is not an original work, like many other musicals that are based on earlier films or books or short stories – most of Broadway are like this. It is a free-style adaptations of a story of 1945, which was a short play concluded a political satire. The one was written in 1943 by Jean Giraudoux and first published after his death. This narration is a French play and it is very popular in France, where it had a greater variety of resurrections than in the United States. Based on it, many plays and other musicals done, which involve popular local actresses.

The musical tells of very old, sweet and gentle woman who lives quietly in her little world, in the basement of the local café and experiencing the loss of her beloved, without causing harm to anyone, and seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Once her life brutally interfered by local authorities (in a variety of interpretations – greedy businessmen) and now she struggles to keep her little world as it is, comfortable for her. Why this musical is popular? Because of the fact that many people are familiar with the concept of comfort, which is now, in the modern business world that rushes from morning till night, trying to make all the money in the world, is threatened and the very cozy existence now called by the hideous concept of "comfort zone" from which someone always advises to someone to go out of. Not realizing at the same time that such a comfort is like a blister for shells, to someone in the world is a whole world & the meaning of very existence and to leave it is a blasphemous crime against his or her very essence. Especially when you're old and experienced many, many changes around you in life and now just want to spend quietly your days and evenings.

Despite, however, acceptable for many, concept that would enjoy the older generation in particular, the musical received mostly negative feedback. What specifically did criticasters not like? Firstly, songs, that were represented by respected Time magazine as "complete nonentity". Secondly, the libretto, which was put down by every critic. Thirdly, a very simple story seemed even too complex for some ones, who could not keep a track of it. However, what is good for French, for Americans can to be too unclear, because the concept itself – to live a quiet life, without disturbing anyone, protecting your cozy space – may seem incomprehensible to a nation accustomed to run somewhere and to achieve something. However, nothing surprising, because, in the end, not the citizens of USA invented croissants and small cafés on 2 – 4 tables. No, their destiny is Wall Mart, Star Bucks & McDonalds – places where the sale of items is put on such a large flow that the concept of "stop & think, rest & read a book with a coffee cup, breathe the aroma of fresh baking" is blasphemous.
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