Dear World synopsis

Dear World synopsis

Dear World Synopsis - Broadway musical

Under the great city of Paris, which is the capital of France, some malicious corruptioners discovered oil reserves and want to dig up the whole city, starting with the cozy little basement of cafe that they are ready to blow up in order to put an oilrig in its place. Inhabitant of the cellar, calling herself the Countess Aurelia, which is a very subtle kind, is like a character from the Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland, the same kind kooky and is a fantastic idealist. She lives dreamy that the world is a wonderful pink place and everyone are happy. But when hers little world breaks with the dealers, she collects the company of dreamers on the tea party (among them a policeman, a peddler of flowers, street yardman and similar characters). At this event, they totally condemned the activities of such oil enrichment and come to the conclusion that their spread in Paris, starting from this coffee shop is an impossible undertaking, from which they are horrified, because their cozy life is about to collapse.

One of the future developers of oil seriously wonders what his friends would prefer to have on their backyard – a fruit tree or an oil well, which brings constant high income. All his companions conclude that the well is much more attractive investment.

One of the guests of the café reveals the business venture to the authorities because he liked the waitress of this café very much, and he does not want her losing her job. One by one, the businessmen come to the basement of cafe, to never get out alive out of there. At least, according to the idea of its resident, Aurelia and her same half-crazed idealist friends.
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