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There Go I (Reprise) lyrics

There Go I (Reprise)

KIRSTEN: (spoken)
Remember that first night?
Looking out on the water
And the way it looks when you look too close
But you gave me the magic key
To seeing it with brave, fresh eyes

JOE: (spoken)
It was us, all along
That’s the magic
That’s the adventure
Being sober is the most dangerous thing

KIRSTEN: (spoken)
I know
I know

JOE: (sung)
Abandoned buildings
And jagged cliffs
Newborn stars
And hieroglyphs
Some things I can’t ignore
I can’t ask why, what for?
I love a bolted door
Let me in there
Let me see

Let me be her?
I volunteer

Make me happy
Th?y make me happy
Don’t know why

New York City
And blinding snow
If I get get lost there
Well, there I go
If it’s an iron fence
If it makes little sense
If it is too immense
If it’s an iron fence
If it makes little sense
If it is too immense
I want it so
I’ll always want it so

Make me cry

They make me feel
It’s not ideal

But there
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