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Album lyrics:
  1. Magic Time
  2. The Story of the Atlantic Cable The Story of the Atlantic Cable Video
  3. There Go I There Go I Video
  4. Evanesce Evanesce Video
  5. Sammen I himmelen Sammen I himmelen Video
  6. As the Water Loves the Stone As the Water Loves the Stone Video
  7. Are You Blue Are You Blue Video
  8. Underdeath Underdeath Video
  9. First Breath First Breath Video
  10. Evanesce (Reprise) 
  11. 435
  12. Morton Salt Girl Morton Salt Girl Video
  13. Forgiveness
  14. As the Water Loves the Stone (Reprise) 
  15. Turlycue 
  16. Forgiveness (Reprise) Forgiveness (Reprise) Video
  17. Lila Hangs the Moon
  18. There Go I (Reprise)

Days of Wine and Roses synopsis

Days of Wine and Roses Synopsis - Broadway musical

A man and woman meet. They fall in love. They have a child. Everything seems perfect. Alcohol, however, slowly destroys everything they hold dear: their marriage, child, careers, and relationships with friends and family. In the end, the cycle of self-destruction ends for one of them, and hope appears; but, counterbalancing that, is the despair that consumes the other. It soon becomes clear that individual choices truly do have far-reaching consequences, and ignoring that fact can result in devastation and heart-break.
Last Update:November, 21st 2023

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