Greenback lyrics


Allow me to introduce myself:
Mr. Autolycus fell at your "here at last" service,
gentlemen. boys, you look to be a good, honest intelligent
set of men. Now these ladies here a re fresh from
Madam Russell's bake oven in the great Tennessee city
of Memphis. They've had but few opportunities for lewd
associations. So whichever of you is eager now for some
horizontal refreshment, can be assured of a good time
generally I can tell you, and of course your enjoyment
will provide me with the very thing I's chasin' on this road.
Foldin' buyin' power.
Greenback...get you anything you need
Greenback...get you snow in July
Greenback...get you chicken fricasseed
Greenback...get you all you can buy
One man's "trouble" is another man's "meat"
When you got the goods it's the cat bird seat
One man's "holy" is another man's "sin"
Lose or win
Greenback gonna save your skin
Greenback...Make you who you wanna be
Greenback...Make you king o' the hill
Greenback... what's a little bribery?
Greenback...what's a hand in the till?
One man's "never" is another man's "now"
You just get the green you don't question how
One man's "foolish" is another man's "wise"
Greenback gonna be the prize
Slam-bam thank you ma'am
Flimflam telegram
Get it any way that you can
Buy cheap, sell it steep
Clean sweep, pocket-deep
Suckers are like gold in the pan
Deathbed overhead
Hot lead in the red
Make a millionaire minuteman
You can skin a cat if it's blue or gray
Greenback comin' either way
Greenback...makes the New York bankers go
Greenback...turns the cotton to wheat
Greenback...makes the Mississippi flow
Greenback...puts the shoes on your feet
One man's "Yankee" is a hooker-girl's John
That she'll "doodle-do" till the money's gone
One man's "Rebel" is a blackamoor's boss
Three across..
Hitch 'em up and call 'em "hoss"
Greenback, in a stack
Blackjack, sneak attack
Get it any way that you can
Lie, cheat, sugar sweet
Elite, Easy-street
Suckers are like gold in the pan
Carbines, battle lines
Breadlines, Georgia pines
Make a millionaire minuteman
If it's blue or gray or it's in between
Pick 'em clean
Till the only color's green
Greenback...Keep the bullets flyin' fast
Greenback...Keep the flags flyin' high
Greenback...Keep the future in the past
Greenback...Keep the gleam in my eye
One man's treasure is another man's trash
You can die for praise while I count the cash
One man's hero is another man's fool
Golden rule
Greenback gonna feed the mule
Greenback gonna save your skin
Greenback gonna be the prize
Blue or gray
Greenback come either way
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