Chitty Chitty Bang Bang synopsis

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Synopsis - Broadway musical

Children of inventor named Caractacus Potts are the principal characters here. He was not very lucky in the inventions, as well as in his second path – investments. Periodically tries to invent something to sell his ideas, wherever he can, but he was not lucky. His automatic hairdressing machine suddenly did very ugly cuts out of hair of the angry client at the local fair. His sweet caramel whistles, as it turns out, has attracted not only with its whistle, but also dogs from all the neighborhood. Or when he was trying to dance, he almost destroyed the whole dance. The unlucky man, if to put in two words.

It happened so that one of the vehicles – cars – was for a long time in the garage of the inventor and his children grow up on a farm where this garage was standing. Their father was not the owner of the remnants of the car, and a ragpicker-usurer wanted to purchase it as scrap metal, but children resist it. Once they have been found as they played hooky by a beautiful baroness with a funny name Truly Scrumptious (“very excellent”, it may be translated). She brought them home at her car to his father and was very interested in inventions of Caractacus, as well as in his car. It turned out that it was not a simple car. It once constantly won a bunch of racing competitions, but one day went into a ditch and was on fire, and its stuff somehow migrated here. The audience also learns that there is an evil ruler of the fictional country Vulgaria (it seems to us, is has derived from the name of the country Bulgaria, but assuming from a variety of other sources, this version requires confirmation). In this country, citizens speak on a mixture of English, German and French, and it is located somewhere in Europe. It has evil rulers who send their agents to track down and to steal this in the past racing car. They did not succeed, but steal Caractacus and his father, and the children of Caractacus run after him. Along the way, they managed to destroy the evil state system of Vulgaria, freed the local citizens from the bad kings, they jailed their rulers & exiled them afterwards, and safely got themselves back home. While it appears that the racing car can fly and float, making this cute story to be a fairy tale.

Caractacus Potts successfully sells one of his inventions – a sweet whistle – to a local chocolate baron and becomes rich, marry Truly Scrumptious, because there are feeling between them for a long time.
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