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The Man Inside The Clues lyrics

The Man Inside The Clues

Hanratty: (Talking)
The Flash?
Peanut butter?
Maybe he's got a kid?
Alright, Mr. Taylor, I know you're in here somewhere.

Hanratty: (Singing)
Some comic books
A Miss July
A matchbook from "The Flame"
Some chewing gum
A mismatched pair of shoes

A letter home
But wasn't mailed
A check without a name
Yeah, they'll be my guide
To the man inside the clues

A bobby pin
Two baseball cards
Some day-old Chinese food
Two ticket stubs
Ah, the Red Sox always lose

A valentine
But wasn't sent
A scent to set the mood
When I take a ride
With the man inside the clues

"Do Not Disturb" is on the door
The maid, she never comes
He locked the door
But I don't need a key

There's only garbage on the floor
To others, they're just crumbs
Those crumbs look like
A five-course meal to me

I used my head
To get in his
So I can think like him
I see he flies
And also cries the blues

But if I look
At my own life
I'm out here on a limb
Yeah, it's best to hid
Stay the man inside the clues

I've looked into so many lives
But never at my own
The trail I left is
Such a damn clich?

The lonely wife
The house for sale
A million nights alone
To wish you had
The things you threw away

Like a front door key
A home cooked meal
The happy bride and groom
Then life kicks in
And makes you pay your dues

And then you find
You're by yourself
In a single motel room
That's been occupied
By the man inside
The clues
The clues
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