Catch Me If You Can review

Catch Me If You Can Review - Broadway musical

You can criticize a musical, which was done on the stage as like to complement story already told to us from a big screen in 2002 by Steven Spielberg. Film has collected USD 352 million in the box office – exactly USD 300 M more than was spent on its production. The plot of the film was written by the main character – Frank Abagnale, a real person that existed in this world and who became famous thanks to the movie. The brilliant criminal who is the same brilliant as Richard Branson in his genius of the business. They both started their path in the school – the genius is evident from a young age. Their similarity probably ends with the realm of this musical.

So what it should be criticized for, you ask? For dim display of its characters or bright, glitter and glamour songs of actors as if taken out of context of the libretto? Or for the fact that the main pillars of the musical are only bright girls and super miniskirts, which border of voluptuous obscenity was overstepped 5 centimeters ago? And, perhaps, for the fact that you do not believe half of the main heroes in the way they display their characters? Choose for yourself – this cocktail of minuses is quite extensive.

On the other hand, there are many issues for which it is worth praising. For example, the Tony award was given to Norbert Leo Butz for displaying FBI agent on Broadway, who chased Frank Abagnale. All the other actors that played in a variety of musical performances before and after him, clearly don’t have the talent of Mr. Butz. Or, you can praise the play because it does not introduce anything fundamentally new that would not be present in the film. Controversial pro, but it is thanks to this, the audience gets exact story line of spectacle as in the motion picture and is not disappointed after watching musical. Or, if you think, there are more advantages that flow from one of the cons – gorgeous actresses, apotheosized short skirts and actresses bright appearance let you receive little more than mere aesthetic pleasure of discovering the art, but also the pleasure of seeing tight charms and elastic roundness during musical. And, of course, the main character himself simply delicious and this plus is able to drown out all the other blurry cons. He is young, charismatic, charming, able to radiate energy with certainty, and Leo Dicaprio is constantly guessed in him, who worked in the movie just fine. Have we already said that in real life Frank was below 21 when became a millionaire? No? Ooh, pity. So, we'll say it now – just imagine how madly talented he was after received such a brain allowing him to be a criminal genius! Here many parallels can be done with another crime genius – Gatsby, who is – is it a coincidence? – was depicted by same Leo in the famous motion picture.
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