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Doctor's Orders lyrics

Doctor's Orders

Hey Doctor are you on call? I'm not feelin so well at all
I kept thinkin about ya as I could not sleep a wink last night.
I tossed and turned the whole night long,
Kept feelin like something's wrong
I need a check-up to make everything all right

So I made this appointment, and I cleared your afternoon
Yes I need me a little t.l.c and I gotta get some soon
Lemme tell you that, I never listened good
I never did the things I should,
But I'm ready to take doctor's orders

Baby I never felt so bad,
I need something I never had,
And I'm ready to take doctor's orders

Hey doctor I need repair, I need intense intensive care,
I better take heed of the surgeon general's warning.
And if your tired and looking pale,
I'll be your Florence Nightingale.
And if one won't do, then please take two, and call us in the morning.

Yes I liked playing doctor, it was my favorite game indoors
And I still like to play around,
I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Baby I need a remedy,
Doc it's an emergency,
And I'm ready to take doctor's orders
Baby I need the antidote,
Hiding under that white lab coat,
Yes I'm ready to take doctor's orders.

I get what you say, about an apple a day,
To be the strongest girl in town.
But if an apple a day, keeps the doctor away
I'm gonna burn that orchard down.

Baby don't stop til I'm here
I've got blue cross and I've got blue shield
And I'm ready to take doctor's orders
Baby take off your stethoscope,
you might be my only hope,
And I'm ready to take doctor's orders

Baby you better operate,
And to Miami to recuperate
Yes I'm ready to take doctor's orders

Oxygen tanks can't catch my breath,
Doctor you've got the kiss of death.
And I'm ready, ready, ready, ready
Come on let's rock steady
I'm ready
For doctor's orders.
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