Catch Me If You Can synopsis

Catch Me If You Can Synopsis - Broadway musical

This work is a musical version of the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, who still cannot get his first Oscar. However, we will not make jokes on the subject that it seemed, the same as Jack, drowned in the waters of the Atlantic; still it is hard for Leo, the boy suffers.

Frank – the name of a hero, who put half of FBI of that time on the legs. His parents met during WWII. They did not have enough money, so he didn’t go to a private school, but he had a jacket from there and he has worn it for a regular school. He was confused with a teacher for several times, and this for the first time suggested him an idea of the deception. Someday, a principal found him teaching French in the absence of the teacher in the classroom and told his parents. Soon, his parents separated because of the romance of his mother, and he has learned a large portion of self-reliance and also have learned how to falsify checks and to cash them in various banks across the USA, to deceit a banking system for millions of dollars.

In New York, he met the flight attendants and wanted to become a pilot. Pan American had a vacancy of co-pilot and he falsified all the necessary documents, being accepted for this position. Enjoying the flights, he remembers the words of his father that ladies love men in uniform passionately and was taking his fun to the fullest. Some time after, he wanted to see his dad and when he comes to him, it turns out that dad fell ill and closed his shop. Frank leaves him several checks, but dad does not accept them, saying that it's better he would leave them to himself and to taste fully his own success.

At this time, one of the FBI agents finds out fake checks and starts the hunt for the person who did them. He goes to a place of last residence of Frank, but misses him. Then he goes to his parents, including Frank’s mother and her new husband.

After Frank got bored to be a pilot, he somehow gets to the party of doctors. There he meets one of them, who offers Frank work in his hospital. Now Frank is surrounded by beautiful and very caring nurses that are ready to take the Doctor's Orders. He falls in love for one of the nurses, Brenda, who at first thinks he's intimidating, but then submits to his charms, and when he asks for her hand, she agrees. Her parents were initially against Frank, because Brenda’s father was wary of him. But after Frank gave his revelation how much he loves Brenda, they gave their consent for marriage.

Before the wedding, Frank learns that the FBI agent already on his tail and runs away from the nuptials. A bride does not give up his whereabouts or where he had moved, but after some time, she opens to FBI. Frank is clamped in the airport in the corner and he surrenders to FBI agents, especially when he is told that his father had died. He spent in jail 7 years instead of 15 and then coped with the FBI to uncover the cases, same as he did. Frank became one of the most respected consultants of FBI of all times.
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