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Come Along With Me Lyrics > Can-Can

Come Along With Me Lyrics

From down to up,
About this town,
I've drunk my cup
From up to down,
But being a connoisseur
And a great social pet,
The circle which I prefer
Is the dilettante set.
Come along, little lambkin, do
Let me show it to you.

If you want to pass through the gilded gates
Where the bourgeois meet the sophisticates
To exchange their views and to compare their mates,
Come along with me.
If you'd like to sup with a rich cocotte
Where the best bohemians go a lot
'Cause her wine is sparkling though her wit is not,
Come along with me.
Come along with me, my pretty,
Let me open your eyes,
In this great big wicked city
It is folly not to be wise.
And if any night, baby, you would care
For an intellectual love affair,
I'll improve your mind if you let down your hair,
Come along, woof, woof,
Come along, woof, woof,
Come along with me,

We can go to dine with an old marquise
Who delights in putting her guests at ease
By receiving only in a pink chemise,
Come along with me.
There's a prince whose home has become a must
For the lower men of the upper crust
'Cause his high-born wife has such a low-cut bust,
Come along with me.
When you meet these folks, my pretty mate,
You will like them a lot.
All their titles are legitimate
Tho' their children often are not.
And again I say, baby, if you'd care
For an unconventional love affair
Plus a boudoir full of fancy underwear,
Come along, woof, woof,
Come along, woof, woof,
Come along with me,
Come along!

Just be nice to him, baby, never fear,
He's the chic-est critic in Paris, dear.
If you want to help me have a great career,
Go along with him.
He is fond of you, though I must confess
1 don't understand it, but nonetheless
If you'd see your Boris as a big success,
Go along with him.
Go along and do your duty
Like the good girl you are,
Go along with him, my beauty,
Go along and don't go too far.
Still if he should try making love, ch?rie,
Be as cozy with him as you can be,
You can still be technically true to me.
Go along.

Woof, woof!
Go along.
Woof, woof!
Go along with
Go along with
Woof, woof, woof, woof,
Woof, come along with me.
C'est la vie!
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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