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Can-Can synopsis

Simple story, which revolves around a bit scandalous, but such familiar to us dance named "Can-Can", which was just gaining popularity in 1893. Events taking place in the location called Bal du Paradis, dance spot and cabaret, which actively promoted this dance. The local judge, who is overly pious with outdated looks, seemed the very existence of such a dance an obscene in nature and he has sent into the cabaret the police so they pursued the theater owner and its employees. But they are fascinated and seduced by the dance performers, and in the court were so reluctant to testify that the judge was disappointed in them and decided on his own to visit the cabaret to collect compromising materials.

During his visit, he falls in love at first sight with the owner, La Môme Pistache, she does not know who he is, at this moment of time. During the visit, he makes a lot of incriminating pictures and owner of the club, as well as all of her dancers, are jailed.

A member of the team that has not got to the prison, found a young man who is an over viewer of a nightlife and social events. She dines with him, insisting he would write a good review of their cabaret and, in particular – about the "Can-Can" dance, to rescue their troupe from prison. He was also aware of their existence and wanted to enact them in the show that was going to be arranged in one of the other places, but now that plans have failed because of the arrest of the dancers.

As long as they think, how to help the cause, it appears that the head leader is again a judge who thinks, not daring to decide uniquely – either he loves Pistache, and is ready to release her from prison, or else his morals are above everything else. As a result, this balancing is heading him to the fact that once an obscenity takes place only before the eyes of beholders, those who accept to visit such place, only they are responsible for what they see. So he rushes to the rescue of La Môme Pistache and releases her and all her girls out of jail. At the time of release, he kisses her – to his bad luck – this time they are eye-dropped by the photographer who made photo, where they kiss. For him, it turns into a scandal and he is deprived of the title of judge and law practice. But he and La Môme Pistache go to the courts, each in their own issue and win them. Cabaret resumes its activities, and the judge is restored to operation.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

Can-Can Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Introduction & Maidens Typical Of France
  3. Never Give Anything Away
  4. C'est Magnifique
  5. Quadrille
  6. Come Along With Me
  7. Live And Let Love
  8. I Am In I Love
  9. If You Loved Me Truly
  10. Allez-Vous En, Go Away
  11. Montmartre
  12. Act 2
  13. Never, Never Be An Artist
  14. It's All Right With Me
  15. Every Man Is A Stupid Man
  16. The Apaches
  17. I Love Paris
  18. Can-Can
  19. Finale
  20. Other Songs:
  21. The Law
  22. I Shall Positively Pay You Next Monday
  23. A Man Must His Honor Defend

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