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Allez-Vous En, Go Away Lyrics > Can-Can

Allez-Vous En, Go Away Lyrics


Since the moment when first
Like a rocket you burst
In my hitherto tranquil skies,
I am startled to find
I am not color blind
When I view the hue of your eyes.
Therefore please do not take me to task
If the following favor I ask:


Allez-vous-en, allez-vous-en, monsieur,
Allez-vous-en, go away.
Allez-vous-en, allez-vnus-en, monsieur,
I have no time for you today.
Do be a dear, just disappear, monsieur,
Bid me goodbye, do, do, do.
Allez-vous-en, please go away, monsieur,
Or I may go away with you.
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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