Brigadoon synopsis

Brigadoon synopsis

Brigadoon Synopsis - Broadway musical

A distinctive feature of this musical is a fairly large number of actors. First, we meet a couple of travelers from New York, Tommy and Jeff, who lost in Scottish forests when hanging there. They heard the voice that sang a charming song "Brigadoon" and went to it, came to the village with the same name. The voice belonged to a young girl that sang it in response to a question, when she will marry, that her friends asked. She said she is waiting for the right person. While her younger sister is just about to get married and the father goes to town to buy supplies for the upcoming event.

Two newcomers stay in a local hotel and one of them really liked by the local milkmaid, who immediately spots him. Then they go on a picnic in the woods, but he rejects her claim without expressing the desire to become her boyfriend.

One of the newcomers notices that his Bible dated 200 years before this year, and being interested in it, asks the innkeeper's daughter about and in the response, she sends him to the local schoolmaster. He tells an amazing story. Once upon a time, the local mayor wished very much that his city was removed from the influence on the environment, so not to deteriorate and not to spoil. Due to some strong magic, this wish has come true, but in a peculiar way – the city was gone from the real world and returns just for 1 day every century. During this day, anyone can enter, but none of its inhabitants can get out of it, otherwise the city will be gone forever. The newcomer can stay in it if he strongly enough loves someone from the city to stay in it forever.

One of the residents, being in love with a girl that is about to marry, telling everyone that he is leaving the city because of the inability to accept this wedding and some time later he is found with fractured skull, obviously falling from the local rock. Tommy wants to stay in town forever, loving local woman, Fiona. Tommy tells his friend that he had killed a local and a friend convinces Tommy that staying in the city is not the best idea. He tells his doubts to Fiona & she responds that she will always love him.

4 months later, Tommy drinks heavily and sees Fiona in every woman, even in his bride, who abandons him because of this obsession. They decide to go back to the Brigadoon, though did not expect to see anything there. City really was not there, but, to their surprise, a local schoolmaster came out of the mist, saying that his love has opened a portal to the city and takes him to the fog, so he will be reunited with his Fiona forever.
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