Brigadoon review

Brigadoon review

Brigadoon Review - Broadway musical

Friedrich Gerstäcker was a German writer, who wrote a novel a couple of centuries ago that was the basis of this performance. It dealt with the mystical village carrying the intricate name Germelshausen, which may be translated roughly as "Initial City", which fell under the spell forcing it to disappear and reappear, protecting it from the outside world, as if conserving it from Chronos. Writer Jay Lerner denied, in fact, that he based his story on this one, because in the process of studying the material, in search of inspiration, he often ran on the folklore of the disappearing towns (they may also be called as “paper towns” – towns that are not exist really, but are a brainchild of their creators, mostly to protect the copywrite of their maps (you should watch the “Paper Towns” movie of 2014)). Very different nations of the world had these fairies. Therefore, such a coincidence was unintentional, he said.

Bridge of Doon – this is the original name of the settlement, which exists in reality in Scotland, which gave the name to this musical. “Doon” may be translated from Tagalog language as "there", but there hardly real connections are between Filipino and Scottish languages. The second possible naming is "doom", but it would be too gloomy in the real life, although would perfectly fit the name of an enchanted city that appears in this musical. Bridge of Doom – gloomy, but in the musical everything happens pretty fun and uplifted, despite the fact that even one murder happens in the course of the plot. But, as it turns out, it happens for the good, as the main condition for the existence of the city in the world – none of its residents must ever leave the city. One of the townspeople violates this unshakable vow, and he turns dead by falling from a cliff. However, for some reason, his murder immediately being classified as an accident and no police investigation carried out. The police has no place in this story that makes this musical to be a little fairy tale, like those done by Disney.

Very beautiful costumes, even luxurious, it should be recognized. Besides the fact that the musical was on the Broadway stage, even the film was made, where the costumes were also very good, with aspen waists of local girls. The film is more like a fairy tale than a play in the theater, but that's the beauty of all the films – they give more magic than a scene can give us (with very few exceptions).
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