Beautiful: The Carole King synopsis

Beautiful: The Carole King Synopsis - Broadway musical

Carole King, after whose name a musical is called, is a girl from Brooklyn, according to the play (but really, she is from Manhattan in the real life), is a songwriter, whose soul is restless. She goes to Manhattan, to write her songs and to sell them. She meets the producer named Donnie Kirshner and he likes her first song, buys it without delay and wants to work with her further. Inspired, Carole meets lyricist named Gerry. They begin to work together and Carole soon becomes pregnant, about what reports to Gerry. They decide to get married and this happens. After that, they met another girl, and then a young man who falls in love with the newly met girl, and they have sparkling new creative pair, who also writes the lyrics and music and competes with Gerry and Carole. Music of the latter more popular and this only adds to the spirit of competition between the pairs and they soon feel the rise in their careers – their music is popular among performers. But their marriage did not expect success – Gerry says that marriage inconvenienced him and wants to meet with other women, completely emptying Carole with his statement.

Gerry meets another woman, but does not find the happiness and offers Carole to start over & move to the suburbs. They begin to search a house, but they would not succeed, as well as in the restoration of relations. Gerry leaves and dates another woman. When Carole comes to her house, she meets there Gerry and breaks with him. Full of anger and despair, she decides to move to Los Angeles, to re-start her career as a solo writer. She speaks to one familiar guitarist, who encourages her and so she begins to sing. In LA, she recorded a solo album, and the last song – which was co-written with her last husband – she have no enough guts to do, until her producer convinces her that all is well and she must try. Gerry suddenly appears and apologizes for all the pain he had caused her and she is now in very balanced inner state, supporting her first album at Carnegie Hall with the song "Beautiful".
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