Beautiful: The Carole King review

Beautiful: The Carole King Review - Broadway musical

Carole King is the girl who at first was the writer of songs for others and from under her pen came many hits. For example, The Locomotion, Beautiful and Be-Bop-A-Lula, together with Who Put the Bomp. Her other song – Will You Love Me Tomorrow – is still sung by many, because it is very versatile – it can be done both slow and fast, and even in the disco style. Whereas Who Put the Bomp strongly associated with Jive and Boogie Woogie.

She was a preacher of the musical style of her time, and we will hear in the musical even more bright songs, that are sang with heart and soul, pursuing remnants of sadness, because under such wonderful songs no one can be sad. By the way, this is one of the few musicals that goes right now, as you read this description – throughout 2015 and until almost the end of 2016 there is a tour on the United States. It brings a bright mood to everyone who has decided to leave a couple of hours of their time in the auditorium to enjoy good old songs that still very not soon will be out of fashion.

Once this woman has found her great voice, in combination with her talent for versification, she had no choice but to become a mega-popular, to release a bunch of albums, singles, and to receive numerous awards during her life's journey. She is still actively involved in the music and in the political life of the country, her opinion is rated. She is now 73 years old, but she has a good mood every day – that happens to a successful person who likes what she does.

The musical is filled with live hits to give examples to many modern songs as how the classics of pop sound should be, and many other genres. How much weight gives only “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” – this song is of several decades – but it is still covered and loved by many.

Mueller, which plays in the musical Carole herself, many critics praise for the unusually accurate reflection of heat in her voice and in general the accuracy of the manner of behaving.

The musical tells of the early years, the beginning of King’s career, as she only came to the world of show business and started making songs for others, who immediately liked by one of the music producers. It is also said about how she met her first husband, Gerry Goffin, who later was burdened by marriage to Carole and she divorced him, although they kept warm relations that contributed to the inner peace of the Carole, both in personal life and creativity.

Carole is one of those who sought to music since early childhood and has learned playing the piano in 4, and in the 16 was selling her songs. Zeal to the music did not ever disappear from her and many hits possess her authorship. You can safely say that this person inclusively was forming the appearance of show business, as we now it know, and deservedly got her star on the Walk of Fame.

Musical is for all – both who is familiar and not with Carole King, but just loves good music and visits shows to enjoy music above all.
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