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Waiting lyrics


Waiting. What's new here?
You're waiting, I'm waiting
'Cause that's what we do here
Same as we do every day
For something, I don't know, to happen
No, just something different to happen
Just waiting for something to change
Just a change

Sometimes it feels like we're moving in a circle
Around and around with the same scenery going by
But no one's complaining
We're experts at waiting


Time's like a river sometimes
Time's like an ocean
The sofa is my boat
And I'm just drifting right along

Time is like syrup
And I'm the bug stuck
In the syrup
Just kind of trying to find out
What I'm doing wrong [IRIS]
Just waiting for something
To happen, for
Anything to happen
Waiting to find out
What I'm doing wrong

You know what I think?
There's two kinds of waiting
There's the kind where you're expecting something new
Or even strange
But this kind of waiting, you keep looking off out into the distance
Even though you know the view is never going to change
You wait....

Waiting, for something
For anything to happen
Just waiting for anything to

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