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Beat Of Your Heart lyrics

Beat Of Your Heart

She was in a white dress
With red and purple ribbons in her hair
She was dancing with somebody
But in love and music, all is fair
We were finishing "The Girl from Ipanema"
Going into "Summertime"
I was in the middle of my solo
When her eyes met mine

Love starts on a downbeat
Love starts when the music starts
Love starts when the tune is sweet
And you lift your feet
To the beat of your heart

Love makes a rhythm
Love dances in a dancer's shoes
It moves when you start to move
And what is the groove?
The beat of your heart!

And we played "Moon River"
And "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
And the girl in the white dress
And the ribbons in her hair
Danced to my band
And I could feel my heart
It started jumping in my chest
And I smiled at her
And she smiled at me
And the music did the rest

Love sparks on the upbeat
Igniting with a minor 9th
Resolving to a major 6th
Then something clicks
And everything starts

There goes the kick drum
Spelling out the rhythm of love
Telling you get off your seat
And move your feet
And dance to the beat of your heart

And if you play me "Summertime"
And if I stop and close my eyes
I'll see an angel swirling, moving
Young and so alive

This music is a time machine
This music is a gift from God
Her face was beautiful
My God, her face was beautiful

So maybe I'm romantic
Maybe I'm a sentimental fool
Maybe music is the food of love
But music and love, who can tell them apart?

Just let me hear the downbeat

Let me hear the downbeat

And let me hear the bah, bah, bah!

Bah, bah, bah!

Let me hear it kick for kick and
Whack the snare

And shake your ass
And stir up the air

And dance with the girl with the ribbons in her hair

Embracing the rhythm of love
That's exactly the same as
The beat of your heart

The beat of your heart...

The beat of your heart...

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