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It Is What It Is lyrics

It Is What It Is

I was romantic
And young and stupid
I met my husband, you know how these things go
You've got your story
You're in your movie
You are the hero
You think you know
You think you know what happens
You think it all will happen
You think it all will go a certain way
You think you know the story
You think I have the ending
But you don't know the story

What about you, General?
You have someone waiting for you in Egypt?
A wife?

[TEWFIQ, spoken]
Me? No, no. I had that one time, but--

Ahh, but then you see it
You learn your lesson
Grow up a little
You settle in, then it is what it is
You've got what you got, then blah, blah, blah..
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