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Where Is The Tribe For Me? lyrics

Where Is The Tribe For Me?

Where? Where? Where is the tribe for me?
Where living in some primitive stage
Is that unsteady breed
Who've somehow managed
coming of age
Un-helped by Margaret Mead
Where? Where?
Where is my ethnic group?
Where are those savage Pre-Adamites
Who live unseen, unknown
Waiting to show me puberty rites
That I can call my own?
You're not an etymologist
Until you get the word
You're not an ornithologist
Until you get the bird
Like some unfrocked theologist
I haven't got a prayer
I'm not an anthropologist
Until I write a diatribe
On why a tribe is there
But where? Where can they be at?
Where's their nat-ural habitat?
While they still roam free
Anthropologically, tell me where
Where is the tribe for -
Sometimes I -- I see myself searching, searching
Through the jungle, dark and deep
On safari, searching for my tribe
To the wild birds: Ah! Ah!
And the poison darts: *hiss* *thump*
And the jungle cats: *yawn*
And the - *snap*
Tsetse flies
*Gasp* Food gone, water gone
All the guides have run away
And the drums, the drums searching for my tribe
To the boa constrictors: *hiss* *hiss*
And the gorillas: Ah! Ah!
And the quick sand: *slurp* *slurp*
And the: Ah! Ah! *hiss* *thump* *yawn* *snap*
Tsetse flies
One word through the area
Burning with malaria
Alone in my safari
And there's no one to be sorry if
I rot with dry rot
*Gasp* But wait *Gasp* Wait!
Look there! Look there!
Through the giant bush-wood trees
Grass huts! Cooking fires! Can it be my tribe?
Now they're coming!
Strangely painted savages
And at last I've found them!
Here is the tribe for me
No more laughing hyenas - hee, hee, hee!
No more stampeding elephants - hoo, hoo!
No more drums - bubalawoopay!
No more:
*hiss* *hiss* Ah! Ah! *slurp* *slurp* Ah! Ah! *hiss* *thump* *yawn*
Tsetse flies!
Oh yes, here, here is my tribe!
And now they come to greet me, crying: Wanna! Wanna!
Well, yes, I wanna! I wanna tribe!
And they take me to meet their chief
And I enter a large hut
And I hear the strange music of -
Oh no, it can't be, it's -
Albert, you've beat me to it again!
Albert, tell me please, where
Where? Where is the tribe for me?
One that has not heard of NYU, DAR, or LBJ
People who bear no allegiance to CIO or CRA
Oh please! I'm on bended knees!
Where are these aborigines
Who were meant to be
My Ph.D.
Tell me where
Where is the tribe for me?
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