Bajour review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Move Over, New York Move Over, New York Video
  3. Where Is The Tribe For Me?
  4. The Haggle The Haggle Video
  5. Love-Line Love-Line Video
  6. Words, Words, Words Words, Words, Words Video
  7. Mean Mean Video
  8. Bajour 
  9. Must It Be Love?
  10. Act 2
  11. Soon 
  12. I Can 
  13. Living Simply 
  14. Honest Man Honest Man Video
  15. Guarantees 
  16. Love Is A Chance
  17. The Sew-Up 
  18. Finale: Move Over, America 

Bajour review

Bajour Review - Broadway musical

Bajour can be translated as extortion of money by using the techniques of neuro-linguistic programming, known among the masses as NLP. While doing this musical, no one was familiar with this term, because it had not been invented yet. But the concept existed for a long time before and gypsies used it broadly. All this expressions – "Let me tell fortunes on your arm", "Gild the handle & I’ll tell you the whole destiny", "Young man, do you want to know your fate?" – and others show how well gypsies familiar with human psychology and NLP techniques. And if only you succumbed to their tricks – you immediately find yourself on the hook. At best, they’ll leave you without a couple of dollars in your pocket. At worst – without your golden chain, or even dental crowns. And even life can be lost if you will be attacked by their flock.

The musical also touches these topics. Furthermore, they are now intertwined with the fate of one of the main characters – who studies the culture and psychology of the gypsy tribe for her scientific work to become a Ph.D. And the second main character is a future father-in-law of a girl who shamelessly robbed a mother of researcher. Father-in-law and the researcher interact with each other during the second storyline.

Critics point that the play differed with bright colors, talented actors, beautiful & lush costumes, great music, and supernatural choreography. However, what can be seen in the records attached here with own eyes, the same brightly (and it is possible that we can present it in an equally trusty turns of speech to prove absolutely different point of view) suggests otherwise. Everything here is just mediocre, starting with the script – that can be told in a few words without necessity to make a musical – ending with the acting of the most crew. The only bright moment can be passionate dance of Chita Rivera, who was so fiery on stage that she had sparks flowing from under her feet.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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