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Must It Be Love? lyrics

Must It Be Love?

Just because I found his kiss appealing, doesn't mean I care for him...
It was just a temporary feeling, flying on a fleeting whim.
Just because I'm restless as a kitten and floating in a trance,
doesn't have to mean that now I'm smitten and bitten by romance.
My heart's a quiver, but must it be love?
Sure, I shiver, but must it be love?
Here in the stillness, I was chilled tonight.
Still, chill or illness, can't explain my plight.
My thoughts assemble, then fly like a dove.
True, I tremble, but must it be love?
This feeling frightens me yet I adore it...
Should I trust it? Why must it be love?
Any other feeling, I could take in stride.
Any other feeling, I could cast aside.
But this... emotion just pulls me along.
Like an ocean, its tide is so strong.
If this is love, then am I ready for it?
No... that's just it..
Oh must it be love?
I just mustn't let it be love.

[Thanks to N.C. for corrections]
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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